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Guerledan: The Rôtisseur Has The Sacred Fire

This is a motivation for a B&B owner. Most B&B businesses should learn from the Rôtisseur Guerlédan. Close to bankruptcy five years ago, the Rôtisseur Guerlédan (former Saloir du Daoulas) found the flame under the impetus of Didier Marec. From 12 to 31 employees (including people who handle their website, web-hosting companies), the company is thriving and growing. Didier Marec had the “crisis of the forties” more productive than depressive. Armed with a rich professional experience in agribusiness (Bourgoin, Procanar, LDC, Unicopa) and the council (DGE council), the man seized the opportunity of the sale of the Saloir du Daoulas to start his own business, in April 2012. The state of health of the small company of Guerlédan, specializing in sausages and rotisserie, was then precarious. “When I took over the company, it was in a position to file for bankruptcy after having suffered a colossal decrease for three years,” says Didier Marec. Despite this financial fragility, the new leader sees assets: a “pretty fame”; “Employees very attached to their box”; the rotisserie activity, “a glimmer of hope to restart the business”.


High end and French

But the first months are hard. The decline continues and the entrepreneur faces “big cash flow problems”. The boss doubts, wonders then slice in the quick. It puts an end to the charcuterie business, which still accounted for 40% of sales, to focus on the rotisserie. And this, while retaining all twelve employees. A judicious choice since only three months after this strategic decision, the Saloir du Daoulas is starting to recover. “In September 2013, the turnover increases by 10% and, above all, we manage to make a small result of 10.000 € whereas the company lost money for five years”, recalls, with pride, the leader who has chosen a “high-end positioning with only French raw material”. His ambition is to be the reference of the rotisserie market on a national level.”

Bacon is gaining weight

Renamed the Rôtisseur Guerlédan early 2017, in order to stick to the fair to its business, the company has grown from 12 to 31 employees and 2 million to 4.2 million turnover in five years. The company now offers a catalog of 22 rotisserie references (pork, chicken, duck, quail …) and six bacon products for 480t of finished products, sold at 70% in large and medium-sized stores. By launching into fresh bacon, “without allergens and without chemical additives, we are the first French manufacturers to do so,” Didier Marec managed to grab the B&B hotel market and opened up prospects for his company. Did you know that B&Bs attract celebrities? “The bacon business is 20% of the turnover and it will become 35 to 40%,” predicts the entrepreneur, who has just made another great move.

A ham that is worth two jobs

Since the beginning of the year, its Red Label ham is distributed throughout France in the hot spots of Auchan stores. “This is a recognition I am proud of and it is almost the equivalent of two additional jobs for our company,” says Didier Marec. The Rôtisseur also accompanies three breeders from Nord-Finistère “who decided to revise their profession by working on the duroc breed, very high-end pork”. Sold under the brand name “Les 3 p’tits Duroc”, these products are exclusively for a local market. To support the development of its business and new projects, Didier Marec has decided to invest 1.2 million Euros in a 500 m² expansion project for its premises in the Guergadic area. This investment has three objectives: increasing volumes, improving the flow and working conditions of employees. Work should begin next month until October.