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The Top 5 Place To Visit In Canada

Canada really does have something to offer everybody. Whether you are looking for a vibrant city break or an adventure escape into the wilderness, you will find it in Canada. efore booking check out any visa requirements. You can easily obtain an ETA at www.visa-canada-eta.com. Here is our guide to the top 5 places to visit.

5. Whistler

For ski and snowboard fans, Whistler is a must visit. Located two hours from Vancouver along the scenic sea to sky highway. It boasts excellent powder on two mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb. The resort village of Whistler itself offers lots of hotels, shops and high-quality restaurants.

4. Quebec City

The capital of Quebec province, this picturesque, French-speaking city has a European feel with charming cobblestone streets and quaint architecture in the historic district. The cities famous Chateau Frontenac hotel sits majestically overlooking the St Lawrence river and is said to be the most photographed hotel in North America.

3. Niagara Falls (Ontario)

World famous landmark Niagara Falls is situated on the border between Canada and the united states with one side in New York State (USA) and the other in Ontario (Canada). In the area surrounding the falls, there is a range of restaurants, souvenir shops and hotels. The best views of the falls are available from the Canadian side in Queen Victoria Park.

2. Vancouver

The vibrant city of Vancouver is located between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia. Combining sparkling glass-fronted apartment blocks and offices with beautiful natural surroundings and some of the friendliest locals you will ever meet, the city is one of the most visited places in Canada. Visit the beautiful greenery in Stanley Park, take in the artistic vibes at Granville Island and check out the shops in Chinatown. Don’t be surprised if the city looks strangely familiar to you, many blockbuster films and popular T.V series have been made here, and you may even spot a star or two!

1.Banff National Park

Located in Alberta, just a short 45-minute transfer from Calgary. Banff National Park is Canada’s first national park, and it’s most visited. The beautiful wild surroundings in the vast park and the small, friendly town of Banff draw visitors year round. In summer, tourists flock here for a range of outdoor pursuits and to see wildlife such as bears, moose and bald eagles, while in winter the town fills with skiers and snowboarders keen to ride the slopes at one of the areas three popular ski resorts (Mount Norquay, Sunshine and Lake Louise). After a day in the wilderness or on the slopes, the town offers a range of hotels, shops and some great quality bars and restaurants.

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Guerledan: The Rôtisseur Has The Sacred Fire

This is a motivation for a B&B owner. Most B&B businesses should learn from the Rôtisseur Guerlédan. Close to bankruptcy five years ago, the Rôtisseur Guerlédan (former Saloir du Daoulas) found the flame under the impetus of Didier Marec. From 12 to 31 employees (including people who handle their website, web-hosting companies), the company is thriving and growing. Didier Marec had the “crisis of the forties” more productive than depressive. Armed with a rich professional experience in agribusiness (Bourgoin, Procanar, LDC, Unicopa) and the council (DGE council), the man seized the opportunity of the sale of the Saloir du Daoulas to start his own business, in April 2012. The state of health of the small company of Guerlédan, specializing in sausages and rotisserie, was then precarious. “When I took over the company, it was in a position to file for bankruptcy after having suffered a colossal decrease for three years,” says Didier Marec. Despite this financial fragility, the new leader sees assets: a “pretty fame”; “Employees very attached to their box”; the rotisserie activity, “a glimmer of hope to restart the business”.


High end and French

But the first months are hard. The decline continues and the entrepreneur faces “big cash flow problems”. The boss doubts, wonders then slice in the quick. It puts an end to the charcuterie business, which still accounted for 40% of sales, to focus on the rotisserie. And this, while retaining all twelve employees. A judicious choice since only three months after this strategic decision, the Saloir du Daoulas is starting to recover. “In September 2013, the turnover increases by 10% and, above all, we manage to make a small result of 10.000 € whereas the company lost money for five years”, recalls, with pride, the leader who has chosen a “high-end positioning with only French raw material”. His ambition is to be the reference of the rotisserie market on a national level.”

Bacon is gaining weight

Renamed the Rôtisseur Guerlédan early 2017, in order to stick to the fair to its business, the company has grown from 12 to 31 employees and 2 million to 4.2 million turnover in five years. The company now offers a catalog of 22 rotisserie references (pork, chicken, duck, quail …) and six bacon products for 480t of finished products, sold at 70% in large and medium-sized stores. By launching into fresh bacon, “without allergens and without chemical additives, we are the first French manufacturers to do so,” Didier Marec managed to grab the B&B hotel market and opened up prospects for his company. Did you know that B&Bs attract celebrities? “The bacon business is 20% of the turnover and it will become 35 to 40%,” predicts the entrepreneur, who has just made another great move.

A ham that is worth two jobs

Since the beginning of the year, its Red Label ham is distributed throughout France in the hot spots of Auchan stores. “This is a recognition I am proud of and it is almost the equivalent of two additional jobs for our company,” says Didier Marec. The Rôtisseur also accompanies three breeders from Nord-Finistère “who decided to revise their profession by working on the duroc breed, very high-end pork”. Sold under the brand name “Les 3 p’tits Duroc”, these products are exclusively for a local market. To support the development of its business and new projects, Didier Marec has decided to invest 1.2 million Euros in a 500 m² expansion project for its premises in the Guergadic area. This investment has three objectives: increasing volumes, improving the flow and working conditions of employees. Work should begin next month until October.

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A Taste of Fort William: Top Restaurants to Dine In During Your Visit

Restaurants In Fort William

If you are planning a stay here at Aultguish Inn and perhaps planning a stopover at Fort William whilst en route, you may be interested to check out these excellent dining options that will enhance your overall experience during your trip. In fact, this beautiful Scottish town is famous for a number of eateries that let you have a taste of gourmet recipes while you take a glimpse of idyllic views all around you. So, check out these fine restaurants that should not be missed during your visit to Fort William – and be sure to book a table before you arrive to these three highly recommended dining spots.

West Coast MusclesLochy Bar and Restaurant

Locals and foreigners are fascinated with this cozy restaurant located near Caol Village and Banavie, particularly by the infamous Caledonian Canal. This family-owned restaurant is just what you need when you are in search of great restaurant that offers the best value for your money, a wide selection of menu and relaxing ambience. What’s more, there are ample parking spots in the area, so there are no hassles when you want to dine here even during busy hours. When you feel like eating outside and enjoy the breathtaking views, you may choose to dine outdoors on one of the picnic tables from the restaurant. So, if traditional Scottish food is what you look for, Lochy Bar and Restaurant is the perfect option for you.

Glenfinnan Restaurant and Lounge Bar

Another excellent choice for a great restaurant in Fort William is the Glenfinnan, which offers fantastic views of some famous attractions in the area such as the Loch Shiel, Ben Nevis and Glenfinnan Monument. Most customers are impressed with the restaurant’s relaxing atmosphere, which makes this restaurant as their ultimate choice for fine dining. In fact, the area is particularly impressive during spring and summer when the climate is mild. As for the menu offered in the restaurant, you can take your pick from an extensive selection of home-cooked dishes made from the freshest ingredients. For those who are planning to take light snacks, the lounge bar is a suitable option because you can choose from a number of tasty and aromatic dishes, local brewed beverages and wines. While you wait for your food, you can have a glimpse of the restaurant’s astounding collection of paintings and artworks with an amazing Jacobite theme.

Seared ScallopsThe Indian Garden

For those who search for Indian cuisine, then you can find just what you are looking for at the Indian Garden, one of the most frequented restaurants in Fort William. Here, you can dine from 12 to 2 in the afternoon or have an appetizing dinner beginning 5.50 until 11.30 at night. If you are in a hurry, then you may go for a take-away service, as this restaurant offers delivery service within the Fort William area. For years, this Indian tandoori Fort William restaurant has been providing clients with top-notch services that meet their clients’ standards. So, whether you are dining alone, with your family, or a large group, this restaurant is an excellent choice that you will never regret. Simply reserve a table a few days before the scheduled time and day, so you can choose the best location with the finest views in this restaurant.

Dining in Fort William is definitely a treat with these renowned restaurants that will not only offer you an amazing gastronomical experience, but also the best value for your money and only a short distance from your Fort William accommodation.

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Aultguish Inn Blog

Check back regularly to our blog to see that latest news and info about Aultguish Inn and other events and things to see and do in and around the Highlands of Scotland.

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Creepy Edinburgh: 3 Walking Tours to Try in the City

Scary Walking Tours In Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city that’s very rich in associations with the past. With its many castles, museums and historical buildings, it’s no surprise that Edinburgh also has its share of epic ghost stories. With so many locations for creepy explorations, ghost tours are actually main tourist attractions in the city. If you’re planning to spend a few days in Edinburgh before travelling up to Aultguish Inn and the Highlands one of the highlights for a great evening in Edinburgh is to take a guided walking tour to some of the city’s creepiest places.

The Mercat Walking Tours

Created in 1985, the Mercat Walking Tours is the most awarded and largest walking tour company in the city. They offer both historical and ghost tours to give you a true sense of Scotland’s past. Among its many awards over the years include the Tourism Innovation Development Award in 2003 and 2005, an Edinburgh Tour Guide of the Year award in 2009 and a 5 Star Tour award by VisitScotland. The company offers 6 different ghost tours to cater to different preferences, such as the Doomed, Dead and Buried tour of the Canongate graveyard and the Blair St. Underground Vaults, the Hidden and Haunted tour of the vaults in candle-light and other specific walking tours that will surely raise the hairs at the back of your neck.

The City of the Dead Tours

Dubbed by travel site Lonely Planet as the best of Edinburgh’s ghost tours, the City of the Dead Tours walking tours are designed by JA Henderson – bestselling author and award-winning novelist of the Underground City, The Mackenzie Poltergeist and Haunted Edinburgh. Launched in 1999 and operated by Black Hart Entertainment, the tour guides are a mixture of historians and professional entertainers that combine horror, history and humor to the walking tours – giving you an exceptionally creepy time as you walk along the city’s most mysterious places. The walk ends at the Covenant’s Prison, which was the lair of the “Mackenzie Poltergeist” – the best documented paranormal event in history. A definite must for anyone who wants something out of the ordinary when visiting Edinburgh.

The Real Mary King’s Close Tours

Opened in April of 2003, The Real Mary King’s Close is a walking tour company that brings tourists to Mary King’s Close – infamous for its stories of ghosts and unexplained happenings since the 1700’s. Located underground, the Close is a warren of streets, spaces and buildings that were made during the Plague, where victims were left in the streets to die. You get to walk down the alley and enter several homes and rooms as a costumed tour guide tells you of actual mysterious and creepy stories that occurred. You can join a group tour or avail of the private evening hire for a one-on-one guided walk along the Close at night, which is the best time and way to explore the eerie place. If you want to take the tour spontaneously, you can do so as tours take place every 15 minutes starting at 10 am in the morning.

If you don’t like the idea of a group tour, you can definitely explore Edinburgh’s creepy places on your own. However, you do need to take some extra precautions as the city has indeed a reputation for having one of the scariest places on earth.

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